How do Pre-Orders work?

When a collection is open for pre-orders, you can purchase your orders to reserve your desired fabric. Immediate payment is required to secure your order. Once the collection closes, it will be unlisted from the website; you won't be able to find it online till we release the collection for retail. You will receive an email confirming your Pre-Order. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL! Should you have any questions about your pre-order, you will need the Confirmation Email to refer to the Order Number before contacting us about it.

Pre-order Collections can take anywhere from 4-20 weeks to complete production, and the estimated time of shipping is stated for each Collection. Once they arrive, we will update on our website/IG while we work on cutting and packing your orders!

How long does a pre-order open for?

Every collection has its own date of closure; please check the date of closure on each listing. Do note that once a collection's pre-order season has closed, it will be unlisted on our website. 

Why do I have to pay for the pre-order now?

Payment for pre-orders are required upfront as a commitment to purchase, and are therefore not able to be cancelled

How long do I have to wait for a pre-order?

Depending on the collection, a pre-order can take up to 4-20 weeks to complete production. The shipping time that we provide on each listing is for when the collection will ship OUT to us. Please give us 2-3 weeks thereafter, to process and pack your orders. Should there be any delays, we will update accordingly! 

Can I order retail and pre-order items together?

Pre-order items CANNOT be combined with retail purchases, as the shipping times are different. Please avoid doing so, as it will create extra administrative work on our part to refund the retail purchases to you in the event that such an occurrence happens.